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silk pillowcases

silk pillowcases

100% silk charmeuse pillowcase set of 2, standard size. hypoallergenic + antimicrobial ~ our hair loves a silk pillow and our skin loves it even more! silk is shown to reduce hair frizz and keep skin moisturized, minimizing wrinkles! practical AND beautiful. each set one of a kind


blue + white cloudy tie dye - dyed with myrobalan and logwod

peach + raspberry tie dye - dyed with cutch and cochineal

mottled olive - dyed with fustic and logwood

plum with pink rose bundle dye - dyed with logwood, cochineal, lac, and rose petals

white and multicolored bundle dye - dyed with hollyhock and coreopsis flowers, rose petals, lac



standard size measures 20" X 26"

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