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      Working with dyes derived from plant, insects, and minerals is about celebrating the slow process; it is not about instant gratification or mass production. Some colors can take days to develop, and may still vary despite following recipes. The unplanned often leads to exciting discoveries. Through an organic way of working, there is room for experiments and imperfections - who wants to be perfect anyways? The subtle variations seen in nature are in a way echoed through this slow process

Dyes are sourced as locally as possible through responsible foraging, repurposing waste, and harvesting garden grown dye plants. All other dyes that are used come from reliable sources. Every Earthencolor piece is sewn and dyed in house. Each one is hand dyed with careful consideration to both the dye material and the end use to the fabric

In using natural dyes, Earthencolor hopes to bring a little bit of that outdoor light in so you can feel the magic of the sunshine even on the cloudiest days



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